Early rehearsals

Arriving to rehearsals Wednesday night I don't think anyone was quite ready for what was about to transpire. We dived straight into our first music rehearsal with an introduction to Jessie, one of our vocal coaches for the show, and a quick brief of what we would be learning. Vocal warm ups were done and with our voices at the ready we kicked off with part 2 of the 'Brick in the Wall' medley. As soon as we started the amount of talent in the room immediately became apparent. Even on the first take the sound was incredible! Not to toot our own horns but - toot toot! Especially with the sweet harmonies and vocal acrobatics coming from our amazing Atom Heart Mothers. We continued on with part 1 of the 'Brick in the Wall' medley and ensemble left for the night leaving our leads to do their thing.

Sunday was, for the most part, choreography lead by Mel, where the female members of the ensemble got to a chance to show off our seductive side for 'Young Lust'. Some of us felt a little shy but thankfully we had Mr Mike Lapot to show us his "sexy" moves and ultimately gave us all confidence in knowing we were giving off more sex appeal.

Rehearsals were then handed to Drew to teach us how not to act but to simply 'be human' with a game called the road. These techniques where then transferred to our choreo/blocking for 'Goodbye Blue Skies'. After a break we continued blocking, now starting on 'The Trial' and 'The Show Must Go On', where we all started to get a better picture of the structure and themes for the show.

- Georgia Murray, Cast Member.

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