Gender and The Wall

It has been such a different experience watching how this show has been cast. Andrew, our director, was adamant from the outset that a performer's gender would in no way limit what roles were available to them in this production - 'whoever is best for a role, will be cast in that role' was the mantra repeated again and again during auditions.

With such an outstanding turnout of highly talented auditionees, we truly were spoilt for choice to cast The Wall. 

Our willingness to be open to 'non traditional casting' of this production has meant that Pink, the lead character in our show, has wound up being portrayed by the incredible Maree Butterworth. Even though Pink is usually played by a male performer, Maree definitely has the power, honesty and vocal chops to do this highly dynamic role justice.

The themes explored in The Wall are truly universal - and will resonate with every person who sees this electrifying production. However, even though we didn't set out to deliberately explore things such as gender roles, modern feminism and our patriarchal society, with a female lead in place that is another layer that has been added to the piece.

Make sure you see Marie, and the rest of our cast, bring this show to life in August!

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