The cast arrives

Well, it has finally happened! The cast and creatives of Pannic Productions' The Wall have joined forces in the rehearsal room and begun blocking, singing and learning the choreography and putting all the elements of the show together!

Sunday was our first rehearsal!

To say it was exciting to begin working on the physical elements of the production is an understatement. After months of creating digital content for the LED screens, finessing lighting plans, and script edits it was great to watch such a committed and talented group of performers giving it all to the human part of this massive production.

The cast have  a long and tough rehearsal period ahead of them - the choreography and blocking for each number is gruelling. Make sure you get your tickets to see what all their hard work creates; The Wall is playing for one weekend only in August.

- Andrew 'Panda' Haden, Director/Production Designer

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Rock on!